What We Do

FreeToBe exists to support children who are at risk of, or who are facing situations of abuse or exploitation.

We desire to be an answer for children and families experiencing exploitation, extreme vulnerability and poverty. We work to provide a safe environment in which families can grow and develop, realise their potential and walk into a bright future.

The Kolkata Child Rescue and Development Centre opened in February 2010 and is currently providing care for 25 children. We recognise that a family is the best environment for a child to grow up within, and are currently working to reintegrate these children into community-based care options. Once reintegrated, these children will be supported to receive nutritious food, education and medical care in a loving, family environment. Currently, in Kolkata we run a tuition program every afternoon to supplement the children’s education and help with English & Bengali language development.

We have commenced work in a local community. Through this connection we aim to meet the needs of families at the very base levels. Some of this training will be focussed on providing training to increase the capacity of women to generate income to provide for their families. We have plans to run additional programs that will increase access to informal education and provide information on health and life skills.

We thank you for your faithful support and generous giving. Without you, we couldn’t have seen the results we have in the past 5 years. With your partnership into the future, we look forward to achieving an even greater impact, to protecting and empowering even more individual lives, and to restoring and strengthening many more families.

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Why We Exist

We exist to empower families and communities to protect and provide for their children, and support families to overcome obstacles they may face. We shouldn't exist, but the below statements are facts about the world we live in that we can't ignore.

Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest and fastest growing illegal trafficking activity in the world with a market. value of $32 billion USD a year (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008).
80% of human trafficking victims are females, and 50% are children (US Department of State 2007).
More than 2 million children are exploited in the global sex trade each year (United Nations).
Approximately 215 million children are in some form of child labour (ILO).

Our Response

FreeToBe's focus is on prevention and protection. Through partnering with local families and communities, we work to ensure that children are provided with a safe and secure future.

Prevention is crucial and that is why we engage with local communities in an effort to reduce the vulnerability of children to any forms of abuse or exploitation. We seek to address poverty as one of the contributing factors of child abuse and/or exploitation. Our community initiatives currently focus on providing education support for children and training for women in vocational skills to enable income generation and support the wellbeing of poor families.