Performing Arts Workshop

Written by FreeToBe Social Worker

The workshops started with the inauguration speech by Mr. Pradip Kr. Barui, Assistant Director of Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal regarding the importance of performing arts in our life. Later the Welcome Address was delivered by the President of RMDI about the “History of Bengali culture, drama and performing art” which was followed by a speech regarding ”Drama as a tool for Education & Entertainment of Children”. The main part of the workshop had been lead by Ms. Kakali Roy Ghatak, Secretary of ”MAATRICA” (NGO) on “Basics of Performing Arts and its different aspect and applications with demonstration”. She divided the participants into four groups and involved them in doing activities like Yoga, Free Hand exercise and Aerobics etc. She further narrated to us about the good side of doing dance which because of the energy involved it helps us to release our anxiety, aggression, violence etc. She told us that the trainers working in Children Homes must be aware of the different moods and attitudes of the children and need to know how to deal with them effectively. She also disseminated that the dance in any form is helpful to release any kind of negative emotion and anyone can do this activities whether he/she is a dancer. We need to concentrate on our physical and mental health together. For that reason physical activities like Yoga, Free hand exercise, Aerobics anddance are necessary which help the children to coordinate their mind, body and soul in a positive force. The younger children participated in an enjoyable activity which taught them regarding certain life skill activities like bathing, cleaning, brushing their teeth etc through an enjoyable activity.
The programme ended up with meditation for all the participants.


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