Dreams Come True

This ray of sunshine, came to live with us in our Home in 2010.  Before this time she had experienced a lot of difficulties. Her father passed away when she was just 3yrs old and after this her mother had a mental breakdown and set fire to their family home, consuming all documentation and family memories. Unable to be in her mother’s care, she lived with a number of different people where she was provided shelter but not security. These people were not committed to seeing her complete her education and she ended up working as a house servant and experiencing different types of injustice. At this point of hopelessness in her life, she was given the opportunity to come and live at our Kolkata Home and since then she has been set on a path for a great future.

We are happy to report that, she has finished her School studies and has been accepted to study a Bachelor of Science, Nursing in a well-known hospital training institute in Bangalore. She will live in the Hospital Girls Hostel while she is studying for the next 4 years and then be prepared to start working in her chosen career.


In her own words of gratitude she expresses “I am very thankful to FreeToBe, they allowed me to finish my study.  My time here was the happiest of all.”

WE wish her all the Best and will continue to support her through her studies to see her standing strongly in the future on her own two feet!


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