Community Health Awareness Program

Recently we ran a Community Health Awareness Program in one of the local areas of Kolkata where we are focussing our work. Through this program we were able to immunise 180 Children and 20 Adults against the deadly Typhoid Virus. It was encouraging for us to see that the highlight for the children who received a vaccination was that they also received an apple and it was obvious this was an unexpected treasured gift for them.

Two thirds of children in India do not have access to life-saving vaccinations to protect themselves against preventable diseases such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Chickenpox and Tetanus, which are all highly prevalent in India.

As the main sponsor of this community event, Discount Drug Stores has also worked with Free To Be for the past five years to help us to give children who have been rescued from devastating circumstances such as child labour, child marriage, abuse and exploitation, a second chance at life. Through their 'Get a Shot, Give a Chance' campaign we have seen a great increase in our support that enables us to protect children now and into the future.

We are so grateful to Discount Drug Stores for all of the company’s support over the years. Their generous donations make our work in Kolkata possible. We are currently planning our next Community Outreach that will help to further Protect, Empower and Strenghthen Children and Families.



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